Hodling and trading are by no means the only ways to generate income in Crypto anymore.

Especially DeFi (decentralized finance) paved the way for passive means to generate income without selling your precious coins or ferociously trading every up, down or side ways trend.

So what’s the idea behind passive…

If cryptocurrencies are traded, it can result in taxable profits and losses. For the correct determination of the actual tax liability, tax tools such as Blockpit usually rely on trusted price sources such as Coinmarketcap, Cryptompare, and other comparable sources. In order for a crypto asset and its weighted price…

This seemingly random question became a major stumbling block for the ambitious undertaking of the Biden administration’s infrastructure bill.

The bill addressed U.S. taxation of crypto earnings. The Biden administration had agreed on a proposal that would give federal regulators authority to impose new tax reporting obligations on cryptocurrency brokers…

As a thank you to the many useful feedbacks and feature requests from our users, we hereby introduce you to the latest Cryptotax features such as advanced transaction filters, a newly designed reports page, and many more useful features.

Transaction sorting
You can now sort your transactions by date and…

We delivered on our promises!
As promised, thousands of Bitpanda & Bitpanda Pro users who seized the chance to participate in Blockpit’s airdrop & giveaway campaign and registered on Blockpit between May 6 and 25th, 2021, have received BEST token Airdrops and FREE Blockpit Professional licences!

If you missed the…


Stay up-to-date with Blockpit when it’s about taxation of your cryptocurrencies. Track your portfolio in real-time and get a personalized tax report.

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