How to spot reputable crypto projects?

12.07.2018 / Cryptocurrency Trading

  • Do the founders and the team have a solid background? Can they be verified based on the information they provide about themselves?
  • Does the website offer a whitepaper? It should. And you should probably read it before participating. Watch out for a good structure and a clear representation of what the project does.
  • Does the project have strong and well structured online presence on several social media channels, where they not only promote their product, but inform and interact broadly with the community?
  • Is there a return for your investment promised? Definitely a red light since this is highly speculative and unserious. No one can and should make such promises.
  • Is there a well communicated and realistic roadmap of the project?
  • Is there a well-announced and structured whitelisting process? Is there a clear declaration of how many tokens are offered?
  • Are bounties offered (e.g. for advertising, referrals)? Keep in mind that bounties are very likely to get dumped once a coin hits the exchanges, which might negatively impact the valuation. So bounties should only be a really small part of total units.
  • Is there a well defined and communicated hard cap (defined as the maximum amount of funds accepted) and soft cap as well as a clear time frame for the accomplishment of those? Since a project shall oblidge to return all contributions if it can’t reach its set soft cap.
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