EU Commission prepares new DAC8 Directive on automatic sharing of information between crypto exchanges and tax authorities

A few years ago, people used to jokingly say: “Ifeven your grandparents start asking about Bitcoin, it’s an unmistakable sign that the market has peaked and that you should sell your assets immediately.” In the meantime, the entire market has matured and more and more retail and institutional investors see crypto as an asset class that is here to stay.

Based on a study in which we were involved, tax revenues of 1.28 billion euros for Germany and 375 million euros for Austria…

Our goal is to strengthen trust in the blockchain-based financial market and offer a significant increase in efficiency through standardized crypto software solutions. The current Series A for over $10 million supports our continued growth and is instrumental in further developing our tax reporting software, Cryptotax, and making it available for new international markets with country-specific and audited frameworks.

Leading blockchain investors on board
The investment capital was contributed by internationally known investors MiddleGame Ventures (MVG) and Fabric Ventures, Force over Mass Capital, Tioga Capital, Avaloq Ventures, and existing investors such as Venionare. …

After a long wait, the time has finally come! Our new mobile Blockpit Cryptotax app is now available in the App Store & Play Store! In this article we show you what the new app can do and what changes are planned for the Blockpit ecosystem.

Revised mobile design

In the last update, we already paid a lot of attention to the user interface of our web app and now our mobile app has also been given a new design. You can now find all the developments of your portfolio and all the associated portfolios and wallets in the new…

We delivered on our promises!
As promised, thousands of Bitpanda & Bitpanda Pro users who seized the chance to participate in Blockpit’s airdrop & giveaway campaign and registered on Blockpit between May 6 and 25th, 2021, have received BEST token Airdrops and FREE Blockpit Professional licences!

If you missed the chance to participate, you can still get a 10% discount on a Blockpit Advanced licence for a LIMITED time. The tax season will soon be over, so HURRY UP and get your crypto tax report now!

Blockpit is more than a tax report!
As our users know, Blockpit’s platform is…

Ok. You missed out on the Beeple. Not a big deal. There are plenty of other ways you can participate in the colorful world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In this article, we look into the evolution of NFTs in the art world and the tax implications of trading NFTs.

NFTs can be thought of as a combination of a computer file and a certificate of ownership. Non-fungible tokens are distinctly identifiable, unique, not imitable, and not interchangeable with each other. In contrast, fungible tokens such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, are all alike and interchangeable. NFTs are therefore particularly suitable for…

Hardly a week goes by without hearing about cryptocurrencies, blockchain or related technologies. This rapid technological evolution, sustained by an unbridled passion on social medias and forums has left no one indifferent, including tax authorities. That said, the French taxpayers are now required to mention their gains in cryptomonnaies in their tax returns on income. What is the regulatory framework? The current tax system? How to calculate your capital gain? How to declare your earnings to the tax authorities? Here are our explanations.

Regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies in France
The Pacte Act (Loi de Pacte) relating to the growth and…

Are cryptocurrencies legal in Spain?
There is currently no specific regulation for cryptocurrencies in Spain. With the growing popularity and adoption of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto assets in the country, and the evident wealth variations that this market is producing between individuals and companies, the tax authorities have made an effort to insert the commercial operations with these new financial instruments in the existing regulations, in order to grant them legal status.

Cryptocurrencies have been defined by the European Central Bank (ECB) as a type of unregulated, digital money that is issued, and generally controlled by its developers, used…

Country-specific tax reports for France and Spain
We are thrilled to announce the extension of our Big Four audited tax reports offerings to and in addition to those currently available for the United States, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Tax season is in full swing and crypto traders and investors are required to report taxes on their profits or losses made in a tax year.
French and Spanish Blockpit users can now track the tax implications of their investments in cryptocurrency and digital assets with a tailor-made solution to the legal requirements of their country.
Tax and regulatory aspects of cryptocurrencies and tokenized…

After Bitpanda’s Visa debit card, tokenized Stocks and ETFs recently followed in our partner’s product lineup. There are now no more limits to diversifying your portfolio by spreading your investments across different asset classes. In order to keep an eye on taxable profits, it is now possible to track your Bitpanda card payments and cashbacks as well as Bitpanda Stocks transactions in your Blockpit account via the Bitpanda API interface.

How do Bitpanda Stocks work and what are the advantages?
As so-called A-Tokens, tokenized stocks and ETFs have the advantage that they can be traded in fractions and not only…

Blockpit enters into a cooperation with Erbana Media, the providers of the platform Airdrops and bounties have been a common means of marketing since the rise of public blockchains to draw existing user groups’ attention to new products and reward (airdrops) them for doing so.

Popular examples of airdrops
Examples are the XRP flare, Uniswap and BEST-Reward Airdrops. Snapshots of the XRP stocks were taken at a predefined time in order to measure the distribution of flare tokens to the user. In the case of the Uniswap airdrop, early Uniswap users were able to claim an airdrop of 400…

Stay up-to-date with Blockpit when it’s about taxation of your cryptocurrencies. Track your portfolio in real-time and get a personalized tax report.

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